Welcome to Burham !!

The village of Burham lies tucked into the southern side of a range of hills called the North Downs in the English county of Kent (the county known as the “Garden of England”).

The village is situated roughly half way between Rochester (8km/5miles) to the North and Maidstone (8km/5miles) to the South, and between Canterbury (48km/29miles) to the East and London (59km/35miles) to the West, in a designated Green Belt area known as the Medway Gap.  It also sits astride the old Pilgrims Way, the ancient route along the Downs linking the cathedral cities of Winchester and Canterbury.  Click here to find Burham on the map...

The Village of Burham currently has a population of about 1300 people, and boasts a rich history which can be traced back to Roman times.

Businesses in the village include five very popular Pubs, a  Service Station, Bakery and a Chinese Takeaway.

Local amenities include a Village Hall, a Community Centre, a School, a Doctor's Surgery/Dispensary and two Churches .


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