New Official Website for Burham

Hi Folks, for your information as of January 2012 there is a brand new official website for the people of Burham funded by Burham Parish Council.  It is located  at:

The new site which, unlike this one, is owned and controlled by the Parish Council, has been created and is operated by another Burham resident who is able to spend more time in the village than I am currently able to, and is likely to provide more dynamic interactive content than I currently have time to provide on this site.

It has been a pleasure providing the information service on this site for the Parish Council over the last 10 years, and it is my intention to maintain this site as a non-commercial source of information about the village of Burham, just as it always has been!!  Feedback, articles of interest and any other contributions to the site that are relevant to Burham remain most welcome!!!

It just remains for me to say the Very Best of Luck to the Parish Council and your new Burham Webmaster, Hilary Cooke, in this new venture!!